Use Picozu’s plugins for organizing the editor to best fit your needs. You can choose to install and enable them all, or just the ones you frequently need. Regardless of your preferences, our plugins are easy to use and you can reinstall whichever one you like in a matter of seconds. These are the Picozu’s current plugins:


Adds webcam/camera support to Picozu. By enabling it you can import and edit a photo taken with your webcam. Once enabled you will find the option to import from camera in the Image – Import menu.


Allows you to integrate various types of charts into your workspaces and adjust settings such as shapes and colors. You will find the Charts icon on the toolbar and the popup window has tips for every plugin option. Hover over them for more details.


Insert small illustrations into your Picozu workspace by choosing from four different categories. Adding a clipart creates a new layer that you can resize, arrange or enhance with a filter effect.


Helps you create different type of photo collages with your favorite photos. The popup window will help you configure settings such as size, image repeat, thumb size or layers. If you decide to chose the Create Layer option, the plugin will create a different layer for each image added.


Plugin for creating (de)motivational posters. The configuration window allows you to insert title and text and change the font and size. If you chose not to use the watermark, you can toggle its visibility from the dockbar, since it’s just a layer.


Dropbox integration plugin; import your Dropbox images into Picozu and export them back when you are done enhancing them. Once enabled you will find this option in the Image – Import – Dropbox menu.


Allows you to import photos from your Facebook account / pages and export them back after editing. You will be able to browse through the albums and export into the ones you chose.


Flickr integration plugin that allows you to browse via search tags through Flickr images and import the ones you like into the editor. Once enabled, you will find this plugin in the Image – Import – Flickr menu.


Fractal generation plugin, providing several fractal types: Mandelbrot, Multibrot, Julia, Burning Ship, Douady`s Rabbit, Julia variations and many more.

Google Drive

Basic integration with Google Drive, allowing you to import your photos from Google Drive and export them back.


This educational plugin enables Picozu to generate various types of histograms. Once enabled, you will find the histograms on the dockbar.


This plugin allows you to search images in IconFinder and import the ones you need for your projects, into the Picozu workspace.

Meme Designer

The plugin offers the possibility to design your own memes in just few easy steps. You can choose from various types of memes and share your creations directly to 9GAG.


Helps you create different types of color palettes based on your images. The popup window allows you to adjust settings such as number of colors, background color and the display of color codes. To use this plugin you need to enable the Swatches plugin.


Import images by searching them in Picasa. Once enabled, you can find the plugin along with the other import options in the Image – Import menu.


Once enabled, this plugin will allow you to share your Picozu creations directly into This option can be found in the Image – Export menu.


This plugin will help you organize your color swatches as you see fit, including importing and exporting swatches. The plugin shows you default color swatches, your image’s color swatches and also has a column for custom ones.


Provides a basic integration with Microsoft Onedrive, allowing you to import your photos from Onedrive and export them back.

Tag Cloud

Plugin for creating tag clouds in various shapes using more than 500 fonts and a generous number of colort themes.


Allows you to tweet and stay up to date with your Twitter timeline.


Youtube integration plugin that allows you to browse Youtube content and play it while staying in the editor and working on your projects in Picozu.


Notes plugin. Notes can be saved in the Picozu Cloud or attached to a workspace and saved with it.


Support plugin enables you to open and check support tickets from the safety of your favorite editor.

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