Getting started

Create or upload an image into Picozu


You can create a new image or upload your own. Just go to the Image menu and choose you preference from the dropdown.

If you want to create a new image press the New sub-menu and a pop up will help you setup various parameters such as size or background. You can also use a shortcut for this: CTRL+N.

Picozu’s current import options are: from sample, from your computer, from Facebook, from Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Google Drive, Picozu Cloud, Iconfinder and Skydrive. If you do not have all this options in the submenu make sure to check if the plugins are enabled by going to the Tools – Extensions menu.
You can currently upload PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, PZI (Picozu image) and PSD images ans well as PZW workspaces. You can also drag and drop every one of these files straight into the editor.

Applying a filter effect


You can choose from more than 120 Picozu Filter effects. Click Filters in the menu and a pop up with preview and categories will appear. Browse through the categories, try out the ones you love and if you like it hit Apply if you want to add a new one or OK if you want to close the window. If you change your mind about wanting a filter effect just press Close. Also you can undo a filter by going to the Edit menu and choosing the Undo option. Keep in mind that this will undo your last action.

Creating a new layer

You can do this from the Layer menu or by right clicking on your image and choosing Create new layer.

Image properties

You can adjust your image properties from the bottom Properties menu. Also, in the Image menu you will find the sub-menu Info. This offers you information about the image, if available, such as contrast, saturation, camera model, manufacturer, exposure time, GPS data and more.

Facebook Integration

Picozu allows you to connect your Facebook account and use your album photos in the editor. Go to ToolsExtensionsFacebook and make sure you have the plugin enabled. After you have enabled it you will find the Facebook option in ImageImport menu. You can also upload images from and to the Facebook pages that you manage.

Saving and exporting your image


You have a number of options for saving your work when you’re done. Go to ImageExport and choose the one you like: Facebook, Skydrive, Dropbox, Picozu Cloud or Google Drive. If you want to save the image on your computer go to ImageSave menu. A pop-up menu will help you finish the task. You can currently save PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, ICO, PDF, TIFF, PZI (Picozu image), PZW (Picozu workspace) and PNG sprite + CSS stylesheet . The shortcut for saving an image is CTRL+S.

Cropping and resizing an image

You will find the crop tool on the editor’s Toolbar. Just click and hold for select and let go for cropping. For resizing go to ImageResize or Canvas Size, if you want to chance the size of your canvas. You can also use the shortcut ALT+CTRL+I.

Members’ Profile Pages


Picozu gives you the possibility to create member pages; have friends and share your activities; complete your profile with some information about you and start interacting with the other users.

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