iFrame Embedding

1. Add an iframe to your page.

This is the easiest way, just replace the bold part below with the actual link to your image. You can customize the width and height of the iframe according to your wishes and the editor will scale automatically, just keep in mind sizes below 600 pixels will not work because of the complexity of the UI.

<iframe src="https://www.picozu.com/editor/?i=https://www.picozu.com/u/generic.jpg&workspace=0&theme=galaxy&key=YOURAPIKEY" width="1172" height="800"></iframe>


You can customize the bold parts in the above code, the i variable defines the path to the image you want opened in Picozu, the width and the height of the popup window, the workspace variable defines the workspace, where 0 is minimal, 1 is the default one, 2 is educational and 3 is kids; the theme variable defines the theme, and it can be default, galaxy or kids, while key is a Picozu API key that you can get here.

and the end result will look like below :

or with minimal workspace, galaxy theme and smaller size :

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