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Have you ever looked for the perfect tag cloud plugin or application only to find that there is no such thing? Some are not at all simple to use, others don’t let you save your work and other just don’t work. Since tag clouds are used in a variety of domains from entertainment-related topics to business-related ones, we decided to create a simple yet complex tag cloud plugin for our users, a plugin that will not only work, but will help you share your creativity in no time!

You can find the new plugin in the Extensions – Plugins menu, and once you install it you can benefit from all of its features. If you are exploring Picozu in the Educational Workspace, the Tag Cloud plugin will be installed implicitly. With features like color themes, 500 fonts, different shapes and weight factors, Picozu’s Tag Cloud plugin is all you will ever need to create a beautiful tag cloud. Click here for some examples of what you can get from our plugin. Or you can just visit the editor and bring your ideas to life.

Visit the Editor

Tag Cloud Plugin ScreenshotAs you can see in the above screenshot, the plugin is extremely easy to use but you will most likely get lost among the infinite possibilities that come from combining more than 500 fonts with different shapes, weight factors or color themes. Not to mention that you can apply any of Picozu’s filters and digital effects once you are done!

Also, we released a new version of Picozu today, 1.2 code-name Nikos.  This version, apart from the new plugin, introduces a lot of bug fixes together with stability and speed improvements. That being said, we hope you enjoy the new plugin and look forward to hearing from you, if you have any suggestions, requests, complains or questions. Keep sharing your creativity!



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