Synchronizing your Picozu Cloud with your Member’s Page Image Gallery

This new features allows you to easily manage the cloud stored images any way you want. Keep in mind that the photos that you already have uploaded will remain private; you can change this option only for the ones that you will be uploading starting today. See some examples in the gallery below.

If you don’t have a Picozu account get one now; it’s easy and free!

We have implemented this new feature with our Sharing Creativity slogan in mind; we know that sharing your creations is an important step for you, that’s why Picozu now provides you an easy yet complete system for sharing your photos with your friends and social media accounts. You can also upload an image directly from your member’s profile page and use it in the editor just by going to the Import – Picozu Cloud menu.

Browse the gallery below to get an idea on how to use the new features, and let us know what you think about it! Have fun creating or enhancing your photos and sharing them with the Picozu community and your social media friends!



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