Picozu Goes to School

Since its beta launch, our application has received plenty of positive reviews from people involved in the educational and academic environment. We’ll be glad to receive ideas from them and from anyone using photo editors to teach or learn. We want to make Picozu an enjoyable experience for each and every one of our users so that’s why we encourage you to contact us at office@picozu.com is you have any suggestions about what to add or improve in the editor.
Here is a list with some of the features you will be enjoying once the stable version will be launched:

  • Full screen workspace
  • Over 70 new image filters
  • New UI
  • Tab preview with zooming
  • Dynamic color swatches
  • Import and edit your PSD files (layers, opacity, etc)
  • Filter preview
  • Multiple tabs
  • Language support
  • Collaborative drawing and chat

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