Palett-O-Matic Plugin: Color Palettes Design Inspiration

Aside from their great appearance these can help you design or decorate according to color codes from your favorite landscapes, objects or your children’s drawings. You can also use this plugin if you’re an event planning company. Use Palett-O-Matic to make your personalized portfolio. Upload photos from the events you’ve organized and let the plugin do the rest. You will have a great color palettes portfolio to show your future clients.

Palett-O-Matic Screenshot

Palett-O-Matic Screenshot

Here is a gallery with just a few examples of how the plugins works. Browse through it then go test the plugin and make your own.

The plugin is available in the ToolsExtensions menu. Make sure to have it set to Enable. We’ve added some extra adjustments to the plugin so that you can decide how the final image look. You can choose the color of the background, displaying the color codes or the number of colors. Also, the plugin creates separated layers for every part so you can customize each one the way you like, add a filter effect, hide one of the layers or add blending mode. let your creativity run wild!


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