Make the Most of Your Christmas with Picozu

Do something different this Christmas! Add a personal touch to the presents of your loved ones by letting your creativity take the lead with Picozu.Whether we are talking about a drawing, a lovely tag cloud made from words that mean something for you and that someone special in your life, or a collage of your favorite pictures, Picozu can help you create wonderful memories in a unique, easy and free way! We’ve put together a list of ideas for you to play with, have a look:

Tag Clouds

Our Tag Cloud plugin can be a wonderful little helper for you this Christmas! If you think writing a card is overrated or you simply can’t find the perfect words to express your feelings, consider creating a little Christmas-themed tag cloud out of words that have a special meaning for you and the receiver of your gift. They will surely appreciate, and you can also have a wonderful time reliving those memories by the lights of the Christmas tree. Our plugin has various color themes you can choose from – if you don’t like the Jingle all the Way theme you can always pick the one that has your favorite colors – and more than 500 fonts. We will be adding plenty more Christmas and winter-themes colors these days so keep on eye out for them.
Christmas Tag Cloud
Here’s a crazy thought: why not use the tag clouds to create a special wrapping paper? That way the first thing your loved ones see is the care and thought you put into their gifts. Make sure you have enabled the Tag Cloud plugin in the editor, you will find it in the Extensions menu.


We know you love taking lots of photos and we also know how hard it is when it comes to choosing just one of them. So why not choose all? With Picozu’s Collage plugin you can create beautiful Christmas cards or layouts for picture frames. The plugin is easy to use and has all the feature you need in order to create a one of a kind collage. You can choose to create layers, so that you can easily move the photos around and you can input a preferred size. Another advantage of layering your collage is that you can add a different effect on each photo. Your creativity truly has no limits! All you need to do is take the photos, and our plugin will do the rest.
Christmas Collage

Remember that you can always toggle the visibility of the Picozu watermark, or even add your own, if you are making the collages as a business gift. if you keep your eyes on Picozu this month, we might surprise you with some new collage templates!

Personalized Color Palettes

If you are planning on creating the gifts yourself this year, think about getting inspiration from the colors of some favorite objects, photos or landscapes. Picozu’s Palett-O-Matic plugin is just the perfect tool for the job! Just upload the photo into the editor, open the plugin, choose the number of the color shades and you are done!

Snowman Color Palette

As you can see, this plugin is great for picking the most beautiful colors in an image, and we are sure that you’ll have lots of fun using in in your DIY projects and gifts. Who knows, it might even inspire you to do a little interior decorating changes that match the season.

Other Great Ways to Use Picozu for Your Gifts

If you are feeling really creative, you can make your own drawings, add digital effects and specials texts and even create patterns with the help of our Kaleidoscope filter. Given the fact that there are very few things you can’t do with the Picozu editor, there is no limit to what you can create. It is up to you if you want to use a plugin or have the time and ideas to create something from scratch. After all, it is true what they say: “all you need is love” – put the love you have for your loved ones into your creations, and their gifts will make their hearts blush!

And remember the most important thing of all, it is not what’s under the tree that counts, but the people around it! Have a wonderful month!


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