Embed Picozu into your Website Easy and FREE

Today we’re presenting you the most important of all the new features: embedding Picozu into your own website. We have received many questions about this since our launch and decided that it is time to offer you this possibility. It is a FREE feature, all you have to do is follow some easy instructions. There are no restrictions or lite versions, once Picozu is embedded, your visitors will be able to perform all the actions available in the application. You will also be able to customize the editor as you see fit. You can choose the templates and workspace, for example, you can embed Picozu to start with the Education workspace and Kids theme.

Visit the developers page, follow a few easy steps and you can have Picozu on your website in no time! If you are having trouble with the required setting please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you! We hope you and your visitors will find in this new feature an easy way of sharing your creativity! Enjoy!


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