Create Your Own Quote Images with Picozu

There are multiple types of quote images you can create, from simple text on textured background to complex ones with different fonts, symbols and a background image relevant to the quote. Below are some examples.

Simple Text and Textured Background

Henry Miller

Choose a textured background, such as chalkboard, wood, lace, flower pattern, which ever you like, and upload it to Picozu. if you think it needs improvments you can add filters and effects. After you are done editing the image, paste your quote into the text field and play with fonts, opacity, size, etc.

Fancy Fonts and Background Image


Same as the first examples, except of the textured background. Go with a specific image this time, one that best portrays your quote or fragment. For a more dramatic look, make the image black and white and choose a stylish and simple font, one that does not take the attention away from the photo. Play with different fonts and decrease their opacity to make them blend nicely with your theme (as done in the featured post image).

Processed Images and Texts

Night Road

Take a simple image, that does not have many effects already applied and play with Picozu’s filters and digital effects to make emphasizeone part fo the imageand make the rest of it dark. You can use Vignette to darken the corners. This time go with a more bold font and then give a colored shadow effect to the whole image using Disco filter and a lighter digital effect. use road images to express your love of travels, landscapes to emphasize a personal state or library images for book fragments. These are of course just some examples, it is all up to your creativity.

Creative Mess Starting from a Simple Texture


Take a simple textured background, in this case a dark grey wooden texture and place your text in the middle. As you will see, there’s not much to it, so start playing with fonts, apply different ones on just a few words from your quote, the ones that you want to stand out. If it happens to be a movie quote, you can use the Film Strip filter to make it more interesting. Add digital effects and Disco filter for a touch of shadows and color and your new image quote is ready to be shared with your friends!

As I said before, these are just examples, there tones of other style you can go with, the important thing is to make it give it a personal touch and never use the boring ones that you find online. Visit Picozu now and start expressing your creativity!


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