What makes Picozu great?

Picozu is an online drawing and photo retouching application based on HTML5 and CSS3. The application provides you with an easy yet complex way to edit your photos, draw using various brushes, filters, layers and explore various editing tools such as color fill, magic eraser, freehand selection, cropping, selections and more.

We invite you to join our community for free. There are no subscription requirements and you can edit as many or as few images as you want. Picozu stands out not only because it is built entirely on HTML5 but also because of the many editing options it includes, from more than one hundred filters to multiple drawing tools and numerous import/export options. Picozu is easy to use and only limited by your creativity.

Drawing and Retouching
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    Open a new document and draw something using Picozu’s various brushes or just upload a sketch from your computer and give it a few finishing touches using our drawing tools.

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    Once you are done drawing you have more than 120 filter effects to transform your sketch into an amazing work of art. Use the one you love or combine two or more to get the perfect look.

Some of Picozu’s features
  • built entirely on HTML5, no more pesky Flash
  • drawing capabilities, multiple tools and brushes
  • image retouching functions
  • import Adobe Photoshop PSD files and edit them, layers included
  • import and apply Adobe Photoshop curves and color swatches
  • save your work as PNG, JPEG, TIFF or Bitmap images, Adobe PS or PDF as well as Picozu image or workspace
  • multiple images opened in the workspace
  • new and streamlined UI
  • dynamic color swatches
  • social media integration
  • import / export images from / to Facebook, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Flickr and many more

Start editing

The Team

Our goal is simple: to provide you with one of the most astonishing user experiences imaginable. An we do that guided by three of our strongest qualities: passion, expertise and dedication.

Marius Stanciu - Sergiu
Marius Stanciu
Web Developer & Co-Founder
The mastermind behind Picozu, dedicated to providing the world with the wonderful piece of art that is Picozu.
Cristina Stanciu
Cristina Stanciu
PR & Co-Founder
Working round-the-clock to keep you updated with the latest Picozu news and promoting this amazing app worldwide.
Alexandru Iga
Alexandru Iga
UI Developer & Co-Founder
The designer behind Picozu’s frontend, working late nights to fix and improve user accesibility and the website design.

  • Logos

    Need to use Picozu’s logo for writing an article, a review or simply want to post it on your website? Get all approved variations of the Picozu logo from here. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us at office AT picozu.com.

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  • Picozu-Image-Editor

    Looking for screenshots of Picozu? Here you can find multiple images from the editor, a few samples of our various filter effects and photo tutorials on how to get the most of Picozu.
    Be sure to also check our blog for more information.

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